Why Choose Us?

Eachlady wearing a new pair of Milena Andrade may be supported, for free, by a PersonalDenim Consultant, who will help her choose the most suitable pair of jeans forher special body type and daily occasion.

Milenasays: “Every lady will find in Milena Andrade’s jeans her Dream Jeans, not onlyaesthetically nice but internally powerful thanks to the advanced technologyapplied to microminerals that will turn the MA Jeans into the only pair oftrousers every lady will ever want to wear: everyday, anytime!”

About Us

Milena Andrade è il brand conosciuto per le sue collezioni di jeans Push-up dal fit perfetto, nato nel 2006 a Milano dall’omonima Style Director.Negli anni diventata la Lady Dei Jeans ha finalmente portato il paio di jeans perfetto nel guardaroba delle donne.Milena Andrade, The Empowering Denim Company significa: 0% problemi, 100% donne con fiducia in se stesse, sensuali e più forti nei propri jeans.

Milena Andrade is the Italian fashion brand famous for its perfect-fit and Push Up Women Denim Collection, born in 2006 in Milan, Italy from Style Director, Milena Andrade.The variety of our prêt-à-porter collections will finally bring the perfect basic or luxury garment in every Denim Addicted Women Wardrobe.Milena Andrade, The Empowering Denim Company fills the gap: 0% troubles, 100% Women confortable, sexy and empowered in their own jeans.